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Dell XPS voucher and Dell deals November

Dell new offer every week!

This time there are especially the Dell Inspiron models that we looked for. For less than £ 300 there already is a very reasonable desktop computer to have. But we present also the other Dell deals again, of course. As always: Alienware and Dell XPS models.

Dell Inspiron SE is the new Dell XPS

XPS wird zu Inspiron SE

In the rumor mill, it seethes: Dell wants with the installation of the Ivy bridge processors apparently his successful XPS series in the Inspiron SE series record. What the notebooks and the Inspiron series can mean for the XPS, here you will find that.

Review: Dell Inspiron 15R SE – [part 1]

Review: Dell Inspiron 15R SE

Finally we have the Dell Inspiron 15R SE test. Our 1st impression of the new unit was really good. In the first part of the test report (a second part follows), we discuss the equipment of Inspiron 15R as the image quality, or how keyboard and touchpad respond in the daily use. In the second part we will look at the performance of the laptop (for play and the graphics). But first: part one of the Inspiron 15R SE review.

Ultra chic: the new Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook

Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 Ultrabook

Dell puts on new standards for Ultrabooks with its new Inspiron 14z Ultrabook: it’s fast, stylish, flexible and above all to have in a very good value for money. Intel processors of the 3rd generation SSD hard drives, and even a built-in optical drive will the Inspiron 14z very safe a best seller make. Here you will get a first overview.