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A Dell notebook combines high-performance a successful design, and also relies on longevity. So private and business customers are addressed equally.

The innovation cycles at Dell are short, even in its notebook Division is several times a year with new devices added, so that the customers can buy always the product which corresponds to the current technical high. Whether the latest addition to the XPS 14z Dell they are notebook in the dead send aluminum coat, or the tried and tested Inspiron-XPS laptops, powerful and reliable. In addition to its Tablet and NetBook models, Dell offers to his mobile computer in display sizes to 18.4 inches. Each Dell notebook is configurable by its technical parameters and part of the design also individually according to customer requirements. Optionally features can be booked by private and business customers as a service after the purchase to play an important role in the choice of a Dell notebook.

Dell takes into consideration technical equipment both the requirements, the beginners on a laptop make and offers a professional notebooks with all most Intel technology and cutting-edge graphics from NVIDIA with its top devices, such as the XPS15z. The precision of M4600 is an another very powerful Dell notebook designed specifically for the business customer segment, and is used as a workstation in small and medium-sized enterprises. Packed with high-tech is the Alienware M18x very popular especially among gamers with a GeForce GTX 580M SLI, the currently fastest graphics solution for mobile computers.

The examples show a suitable Dell notebook there is for every requirement but always with the most innovative technology.

Dell XPS voucher and Dell deals November

Dell new offer every week!

This time there are especially the Dell Inspiron models that we looked for. For less than £ 300 there already is a very reasonable desktop computer to have. But we present also the other Dell deals again, of course. As always: Alienware and Dell XPS models.

Dell XPS 15 with high-end configuration for a real hit price!

Aus dem XPS 15 wird Inspiron 15 R SE

Dell has an absolute hammer configurations of multimedia notebooks XPS 15 in the price greatly reduced: for 649,-EUR, you get free shipping a super fast XPS 15 with lots of memory and a really big hard drive. The offer is valid only from tomorrow!

Alienware M17XR3 review

Alienware M17x Quelle: has tested again diligently. This time, the Alienware M17XR3 under the microscope was taken. The tested notebook is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor 2.3 GHz, an 8 GB of large DDR3 memory…

Dell XPS: Ultrabooks & notebooks in comparison

Dell XPS Ultrabooks und Notebooks im Vergleich

Dell has brought his Ultrabook and notebook within a very short time with a product offensive series on the latest technical state. Given the variety of changes made by Dell, we compare the specifications of the individual Ultrabooks and notebooks from today in a new series. Today we start with the Ultrabooks and laptops of Dell XPS range. We will clarify the following questions: what different models the individual XPS, how the configuration they have, which monitor is installed and have all XPS models really a back-lit keyboard? Our comparison gets presents the answers to these and other questions at a glance!

New Dell Vostro 3360 – a first review

The new Dell Vostro 3360 is the revised successor of 3350 and the smallest Member of the business-series Vostro. Notebook check directly tested the Vostro 3360.

XPS 15 laptop: only short time offer

So an offer, such as the latest of Dell for the XPS 15 notebook, we have seen no longer: there are processor, memory, and disk capacity for the otherwise up to £ 200,- more to be paid for only £ 599,-. The great thing is that Dell is at the same time offering a less good configuration in the Dell store for the same price – we compare both offers and show which is the better offer with the better performance.

XPS 15z – Dell inspired by the Apple MacBook?

Dell mac-like

The XPS 15z is an ultra-thin Dell notebook in the chic silver housing, which was unmistakably inspired by the Apple MacBook.