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According to our Dell reviewabout Vostro, XPS, and Inspiron as always are many options when it comes about to buy a new dream PC. So, interested customers get detailed information from buyers who have practical experience in the use of their desktops or notebooks could make.

A review of Dell can be found sometimes in the shop of the manufacturer under the bullet point „Customer reviews“. He is similar to the Dell computers either in the form of a star rating, the school grades summary or detailed user report very practical in their purchasing decisions. But also, when we type the exact name of the PC into a search engine search fields, it comes relatively quickly to a Dell review. Often, these reviews are written by testers from consumer portals or by editors of computer magazines, even before a device is brand new on the market. While at a customer rating opinions but rather subjective nature is can a Dell review at such known information portals such as notebookcheck.de or onlinekosten.de be performed usually technically sound. The reports are based often on a longer trial period, are vendor-neutral and thus provide reliable facts from real practice for interested buyers.

Objectively and first-hand course DellManiac to the Alienware, Inspiron offers & co. give always a practical review of Dell with all important information which are useful for the purchase of the appropriate computer and relevant tips. But also who even bought a PC of that mark and others would like to convey his experience has the ability to publish a Dell review on the above portals.

Dell venue Pro in the Bild.de on-road test

Dell Venue Pro (c) Dell

Bild.de has tested the Dell venue Pro Smartphone with Windows phone 7. Here you will find some excerpts of the venue Pro test and our opinion on this test.

Alienware M17XR3 review

Alienware M17x Quelle: Computerbase.de

Notebookcheck.de has tested again diligently. This time, the Alienware M17XR3 under the microscope was taken. The tested notebook is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor 2.3 GHz, an 8 GB of large DDR3 memory…

New Dell Vostro 3360 – a first review

The new Dell Vostro 3360 is the revised successor of 3350 and the smallest Member of the business-series Vostro. Notebook check directly tested the Vostro 3360.

Dell precision M4700 mobile workstation asserts oneself in the test

Dell Precision M4700 Mobile Workstation review

The Tester from Notebookcheck.com have checked this time the Precision M4700 through its paces. This Dell builds on reliably proven. Attested consistently high-quality, high-performance components will be Precision M4700.

Review: Dell printer 1355cnw Color MFP

Hier das Originale Foto vom Dell Drucker

New in the Dellmaniacteam: the Dell printer 1355cnw. Even if we so much would want it, the paperless office is unfortunately still not possible. So we needed a new printer then also for our small office community, after the old HP simply no longer wanted for some strange reason. The choice much of course on […]