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The computer named Dell XPS are presented in the online-shop both desktops and notebooks. You are already purely externally characterized by a particularly successful design. Their modern hardware facilities, the power, and their safety make them very flexible especially in the companies.

So, the Dell XPS 15-series notebooks are already in their base model equipped with the new, high-performance Intel processors of second generation and deep memory up to 8 GB. They are very well suited for any multimedia application and deliver crystal clear images and videos on their high-definition displays. Scratch in this innovative series, the XPS 15 is the world’s narrowest 15 „notebook with high performance parameters and user friendly stage software.“,

The name Dell XPS desktop models offered five computers in the elegant Tower. By their high-performance processors with clock frequencies up to 3.2 GHz and Turbo boots, they are suitable not only for the processing of digital music and video files, but also for particularly computer-intensive software applications company. The gamer of the Dell XPS desktop are always excited from an above-average graphics services series. A total of six basic units to choose from, which can be configured according to customer requirements in very many options are.

For both types are computer Dell XPS already before you purchase a number of additional services book, which are especially for companies without their own IT Department of high use. In addition to data-save, the online backup and transfer MyPC, backup, Dell XPS can be arranged up to the ago local support in a simple way for a high level of security and reliability machines at all operational processes.

Dell XPS voucher and Dell deals November

Dell new offer every week!

This time there are especially the Dell Inspiron models that we looked for. For less than £ 300 there already is a very reasonable desktop computer to have. But we present also the other Dell deals again, of course. As always: Alienware and Dell XPS models.

Dell XPS 15 with high-end configuration for a real hit price!

Aus dem XPS 15 wird Inspiron 15 R SE

Dell has an absolute hammer configurations of multimedia notebooks XPS 15 in the price greatly reduced: for 649,-EUR, you get free shipping a super fast XPS 15 with lots of memory and a really big hard drive. The offer is valid only from tomorrow!

Dell XPS: Ultrabooks & notebooks in comparison

Dell XPS Ultrabooks und Notebooks im Vergleich

Dell has brought his Ultrabook and notebook within a very short time with a product offensive series on the latest technical state. Given the variety of changes made by Dell, we compare the specifications of the individual Ultrabooks and notebooks from today in a new series. Today we start with the Ultrabooks and laptops of Dell XPS range. We will clarify the following questions: what different models the individual XPS, how the configuration they have, which monitor is installed and have all XPS models really a back-lit keyboard? Our comparison gets presents the answers to these and other questions at a glance!

Dell Inspiron SE is the new Dell XPS

XPS wird zu Inspiron SE

In the rumor mill, it seethes: Dell wants with the installation of the Ivy bridge processors apparently his successful XPS series in the Inspiron SE series record. What the notebooks and the Inspiron series can mean for the XPS, here you will find that.

Inspiron 17r SE with 2nd free hard drive

Inspiron 2nd free hard drive

Finally a „shop bug“ for the benefit of customers. Two Inspiron 17r SE notebook models are currently with the double hard drive capacity delivered as is communicated at Dell shop. And in times of sadly still pretty expensive hard drives…

Dell XPS 14 WINS CHIP Lifestyle Award 2012

2012 CHIP Award Winner XPS 14

We think the Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook is great. Now readers of the magazine CHIP voted for the XPS 14 Ultrabook to the Ultrabook of the year 2012! We report and congratulate of course.

NEW @ IFA 2012: Dell XPS one 27 with touch screen

XPS One 27 All-in-One

Back from the Dell press conference at the IFA 2012 is the first product news! The XPS one 27, which Dell has equipped with a touch screen was particularly convincing. We have collected together first information and images to the all-in one PC from Dell you in the following article.

XPS 15 laptop: only short time offer

So an offer, such as the latest of Dell for the XPS 15 notebook, we have seen no longer: there are processor, memory, and disk capacity for the otherwise up to £ 200,- more to be paid for only £ 599,-. The great thing is that Dell is at the same time offering a less good configuration in the Dell store for the same price – we compare both offers and show which is the better offer with the better performance.

XPS 15z – Dell inspired by the Apple MacBook?

Dell mac-like

The XPS 15z is an ultra-thin Dell notebook in the chic silver housing, which was unmistakably inspired by the Apple MacBook.