New Dell Vostro 3360 – a first review

Dell Vostro 3360 review

The new Dell Vostro 3360 is the revised successor of 3350 and the smallest member of the business-series Vostro. Notebook check directly tested the Vostro 3360.

The 3360 is much slimmer and lighter than its predecessor and with a 13-inch display, it is optimally suitable for mobile use. The body is like a mix of plastic and aluminium had. The design looks something boring, but it is stable and easy to clean. The display brightness and viewing angle stability regarding, some disadvantages – so notebook check, however, the Vostro 3360 scores more with its inner values.


Dell opts for new processors

In the Vostro 3360 Dell has moved to do so, to use energy-efficient ULV processors. These consume significantly less energy and thus offer a longer battery life. Also at the performance, one does not notice that the 3360 with Stromsparprozessoren is operated. Not only simple surfing on the Internet or Office tasks done reliably the notebook, it does also compute-intensive actions, such as the transcoding of HD videos quickly.

„562“]The Vostro 3360 has no own graphics card, it controlled 4000 of the performance of the processor with the HD graphics. The graphics chip is working well and having the latest games are run on this, if not in the highest graphic settings also. To set the settings of the games on medium resolution, run current games such as Diablo 3 and FIFA 12 liquid and without bucking.


Facilities of the Dell Vostro 3360 leaves nothing to be desired

By default, the Vostro 3360 is equipped with a 320 GB hard disk. It can accommodate 6 GB memory, which ensures a good performance. However, the user must give up an optical drive. There are three USB 3.0 ports, one of these is the power-share port. The MP3 player or the phone even when notebook switched off can be downloaded. The fingerprint reader is likely to be interesting for business customers. Ensure this but highest security for sensitive business data. Also, the Vostro 3360 offers a multi card reader and Kensington lock. A HD capable webcam and a reliable functioning wireless module complete the offer of Vostro 3360.


Conclusion of the novice in the Vostro series

In total, the tester on a quite satisfactory result come: despite a low-power processor and an internal graphics chips, the notebook works quickly and reliably. Just in this price range, the customer gets offered very much for his money. Who is looking for a small, sleek Office notebook, which will have his pleasure on the Vostro 3360.

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